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Please join us for our wedding celebration on December 3, 2016

Our Story

Holly and Scott are very, very excited to be able to invite you to share in this long awaited day with them.

Holly and Scott first met back when they were only nine years old, when Scott moved to Holly’s primary school to begin year 4. While there is some debate between the two as to when they truly became friends, by the time they were 12 they had developed an incredibly close and steady friendship, that would only grow stronger throughout the rest of their lives. The two of them could often be seen side by side and it seems as though they were just about the only ones who were oblivious to the love that they had come to hold for one another.

When they were 15 Scott finally made the decision to tell Holly of the feelings he had for her and Holly joyfully shared her mutual affection for him. They both still remember this as one of the happiest days of their life. It wasn't always smooth sailing from there and the two of them journeyed through many trials together, but almost 6 years on and one break up and one make up later, the rest as they say, is history!

On the 17th of February 2016, 4 days after her 21st birthday, 3 days after valentine’s day and two days after Holly got sick on his intended day of proposal, Scott finally got to ask Holly, his best friend and childhood sweetheart to be his wife and Holly finally got to say yes.

Holly and Scott are so very excited to enter into this new season of their lives and to share their special day with you!

All photos taken by Rhianna May Photography ©